Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Laura's 'Stay'cation and IMM Christmas Special!

My staycation is at its end which means I must get out of my pajamas, stop eating leftover Christmas cookies, and get off my lazy butt! You're probably wondering what I did on my staycation, but before I tell you I should warn of all of you that I was quite the couch potato :o)

1. A person cannot truly be on a staycation unless she/he commits to watching a lot of TV! Luckily, I had Doctor Who and the Winchesters to keep me company. Time travel and demon hunting has never been so much fun!

2. No staycation could be complete with out video games, so it's quite possible that I wasted many hours hurtling very angry birds, collecting bananas, and getting harassed by a game show host in a truly hideous red suit.

3. Don't worry, I read some books too! Geez, what kind of book blogger would I be if I didn't read any books on my staycation?! I fear I may have lost some precious reading time on Christmas and New Years though, but I took advantage of the time I had left and managed to finish three fabulous books! I'm slowly, but surely working on writing my reviews and I will hopefully have at least one of them posted by the end of this week!

Curious what I read? Of course you are! Well have a look...

 4. The best staycations fall around the holidays, which mean that I got to open presents! Want to know what I got? All you have to do is follow the rabbit down the rabbit hole... errr... or just take a peak at what's IMM :o)

In My Mailbox Christmas Special!!!

I got lots of wonderful goodies on Christmas, including a toaster oven and a new flat iron, but this is a book blog darn it! So for this Christmas special I will only be showing you the books I got! I mean, did you really want to see a picture of my flat iron? I didn't think so! Then again, there was this one gift that I got from my wonderful, handsome, and overly generous boyfriend that I would like to share with all of you. Even if it's not technically a book, I can still read books on it...

Now as you look at this picture, I want you to imagine that the opening theme to Star Wars is playing! To say that I was shocked to receive an iPad is a bit of an understatement, especially considering that I asked for a kindle! The way I figure it though, this is something that my boyfriend and I can share. The fact that I've already caught him sneaking off with my iPad on several occasions only strengthens my belief that this new toy was meant to be enjoyed by both of us :oP

Books I received this holiday season:

If you have not read any of these books what are you waiting for?! They're awesome! Well, I hope everyone enjoyed this post! I only have a few precious hours left of my staycation and I'm going to spend that time reading! I can't wait to catch up with all of you and see what I missed! Before I go back to reading though, their is just one thing I need to do...



  1. So did you like Dash & Lily? I enjoyed it quite a bit. And have you seen the new Doctor Who special yet? I have not but am hoping to soon!

  2. The Winchesters and Brightly Woven. That sounds like the PERFECT staycation to me! Congrats on all your awesome gifts!

    (BTW, I love the word staycation! I always say I'm not going anywhere, but this sounds like a much more upbeat way to describe it).

  3. Yay for the awesome gifts (although I haven't read Brightly Woven or Matched yet) and the fun staycation! I'm also looking forward to seeing your thoughts about Vampire Empire and Dash and Lily since I haven't read those yet either.

  4. Aylee: That was my reaction too :o)

    Lisa: I did like Dash and Lily, but it wasn't my fave book that I read during my staycation. At times I thought it was a bit silly and I will definitely explain more in my review, but otherwise it was a very sweet and funny story. I have not seen the Doctor Who Special yet, but I can't wait to see it :o)

    Small Review: I love the word staycation too :oP I didn't know you were a Supernatural fan! It's such a great show, isn't it? I've been wanting Brightly Woven for a really long time and for some reason I could never find it in bookstores. I'm happy that I got it as a gift and I can finaly add it to my bookshelf!

    Canadian Girl: You must read these books! What are you waiting for?! LoL. I'm working on my review for Vampire Empire and will definitely have it posted in the next few days. My Dash and Lily review will come next :o)

  5. Darn it, blogger ate my previous comment and I had a lot to say:( First, lucky you getting an ipad! *turns green with envy* Second, BARRONS!!!! I love the Fever series so much, have you read them already? I loved The Greyfriar and Anna and the French Kiss as well, looking forward to those reviews!

  6. I'm commenting on your blog from my iPad :). I had to buy mine myself tho. Hope you enjoy yours :)))

  7. Jenny: LoL! I LOVE the Fever series too! I'm dying to read the last book and find out how it ends! However, if the series ends then no more Barrons :o( Greyfriar and Anna and the French Kiss were AMAZING and I ended up buying both books a couple of days ago!

    Slowest Bookworm: Thanks :o)

  8. Eeek!!! Angry Birds, Anna and the French Kiss, and an IPad! Could life get any better?

  9. Always nice to see The Doctor on a blog post! :-) Like the Star Wars reference, too!